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I memorized EXO by coming up with a food or animal to remember them by.
Xiumini Muffin.
OR. Chanyeolli Canoli.
OR. Kyungsoo the owl.
OR. Puppy dog kai. (I don't know who made this but thank you)
OR. Chen the dinosaur.
OR. suhoho (yes as in the hostess treat.)
OR. Kris the dragon (cuz that's what he is tho)
OR. Biscuit baekhyun. (i dunno why he's a biscuit)
OR. LuLu the deer.
OR. Panda Tao.
OR. Sehunny bun.
OR. Lay potato chip.
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I thought of D.O as 'D.O the alien' because at one of their concerts they had to wink, but D.O made a weird face instead. Then someone on YouTube took that and put Alien music behind it xD. Its funny just look up 'Evil D.O' on YouTube.
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Lmfao I'm bad at names so I forget everyone w but 2ne1 names but that was hilarious and I'll probably remember lays name now haha
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lol how I memorized the members Suho - Rich Umma Baekhyun - Eyeliner or Bacon Chen - ChenChen or the Troll Kai - Dancing Machine Lay - Unicorn Sehun - Yehet or Bubble Tea Luhan - Deer Tao - Panda Xiumin - Baozi (or steam buns lol) D.O - Owl or Satansoo Chanyeol - Happy Virus Kris - As Kris or Appa
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Lay the unicorn 馃槏馃槏馃槏馃槀馃槀馃槀
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