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So I was thinking of starting a thing for myself to do regularly in our Vingle K-Pop Community! ^^ I thought of doing a Kpop dance of the week! The post will start with the official dance practice/performance of an awesome Kpop dance then I'll put a 2nd video under it that is a dance cover I find by fans and really like to the song as well! What do you guys think?
these two did an awesome job with this dance btw <3 This is a song/dance I've been really into recently! Really love it~ slowly trying to learn it myself lol but the choreography is really cool and fits so well with the song!
2 thumbs up to the 2 guys who copyed their dance!!
igot7 😍😍
awww i love this song and dance practice sooo much and the cover video was soooo cutte and I like how the twins actually added their own choreography and they did such a great job thanks soo much for sharing
@sherrysahar no problem! I feel the same way about the song and dance ^^ its awesome. the two guys were really awesome too!