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Let's go! My name is Nathaly! (Natalie ) I am A Leo , I just turned 18.
Things about me : I enjoy studying languages ! I can speak Spanish English and a bit of Japanese, I recently just started studying Korean and it's amazing! I love watching anime and reading Manga I am such a dork when it comes to things like that. I get so passionate it's pretty funny when you see me dork out.
I love dyeing my hair, I do it on a weekly basis unless I want to give my hair a break ( Which is what I'm doing so it's currently black (sad face ) it's an addiction !
when it comes to meeting someone new I usually keep to myself because I get shy and awkward and quirky and usually I really want to talk to someone but I just don't know how so I get all shy and quiet. But after I get to know you and slowly open up I tend to be extremely weird and I just don't care anymore and I let my inner beast out. I usually end up acting hella weird in public and dance in the middle of aisles and lifes good man. life is good. But there are times where I get serious and get Hella mad when certain things aren't going the right way.
During school I was really smart in my academics, science and art were my passions. I loved Chemistry and anything with Sciences. Art was also (and still is) my passion , I love it, drawing and doodling have been my thing since I was like five. I just love it so much.
Fun Facts: I never dated anyone I'm hella straight edge I want to be an Idol (Kekeke) I always end up liking the serious kinds of boys ( or the crazy ones when it comes to anime) I'm 5'7 I wear a lot of different contacts I'm super emotional when it comes to certain things. I seem mean to the ones I love but that's just the way I show my affection I have a certain laugh that I use when I'm tease someone xD I can be sassy as beck and a sweet heart the same second. I may not be affectionate ( since I dislike the warm fuzzy feeling ) but I love all my friends to bits. This is just if you want ! I'd appreciate it so much if you did xD thank you so much !,
@candyland1986 Ah thank you so much ! It's nice to meet you
hi. nice to meet you! I welcome you here! have fun! were all nice ppl here lol.