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Here are your Top 5 Plays of the Day!

5. Rougned Odor (Texas Rangers)

What a catch by Odor! Of course, the shift definitely helped, but that's what stats are for, right? Even Shin Soo Choo thought Odor wasn't going to make that catch. Look at him backing up Odor and getting ready to jump for the bounce. The Rangers are on fire and looking to clinch the division title from the Astros. And they also beat the A's 4-0.

4. Kyle Schwarber (Chicago Cubs)

A Top Play-worthy play from another hot team, the Chicago Cubs! No fence is going to stop Schwarber from making an amazing play. What a nice over-the-shoulder running catch from the Cubs left-fielder to rob a potential double from Ryan Howard. The Cubs beat the Phillies 7-3.

3. Daniel Castro (Atlanta Braves)

Diving play and a perfect throw on his knees by Daniel Castro! The Braves rookie, who's been spectacular so far, robbed a hit from Tejada. Castro also showed some skills at the plate collecting two hits. His team however lost to the Mets 5-1.

2. Michael Bourn (Atlanta Braves)

Another great play from the Atlanta Braves and possibly one of the best catches of the year as well. Conforto hits one deep center but Michael Bourn makes the catch! I personally thought that was going over the fence, but the Braves' center fielder certainly didn't think so. Not to piss off any Braves fans, but again, the Braves lost this one 5-1.

1. Angel Pagan (San Francisco Giants)

It doesn't look like the Giants are going to make the playoffs this year but Pagan is still on his a-game. Kemp certainly thought he hit his 22nd home run of the season, but no! Pagan robs Kemp's homer and leads the Giants to a 9-1 victory over the Padres.
Now that was your Top 5 Plays of the Day from last night's games!

What was your favorite play of the day?

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@jeff4122 Haha thank you! I agree. He's def an all-around player. Also, can't believe the Mets still won that game after those two plays by Bourn and Castro! I was doubting them at first....but I think they have a really good chance of making the World Series this year.
@mchlyang I can only dream!
@jeff4122 Cespedes will lead the Mets to greatness...I can already feel it hahaha
@jeff4122 And as you've already mentioned in one of your cards, looks like Cespedes will stay in New York. He really seems to enjoy himself as a Met!
@mchlyang I'd like to think so Hahaha