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It's extremely hard to pull yourself away from temptation.

The temptation of making an amazing investment in a bag, but not just any bag. Los Angeles based brand Building Block easily gives us both minimalist and essential in the form of a handbag. According to Building Block, "The intent of each product is to clear away conventional standards of luxury by magnifying what is essential and editing out excess." We are so used to grabbing any bag that has a label on it, but what about those bags that are classic, simple and still luxurious? That's where this brand comes into play.
These leather bags are meant to be different and that's what I love most. Let's just say, hopefully you just got paid because these bags will run you. You get what you pay for and these bags right here scream investment. I've posted a few of my favorites below. They sell out fast so get yours before it's too late.


Black leather bags will never go out of style. Ever. This season backpacks and bucket bags are extremely on trend. Talk about simple and sleek.


There's no doubt in my mind that green is not the color of the season. You will be season this forest green pretty much everywhere this fall. The color of this bag is amazing, but let's just bask in the beauty and simplicity of the structure.

Bucket In Pebbled Black

Bucket bags are perfect, especially when they come in the texture pebbled black. This bag is the perfect amount of minimalist with a splash of funky.

Bucket In Nude

Nude is the perfect minimalist color. It goes perfectly with pretty much anything and looks great in the fall. It's obvious that this bag in a must have in every single color.

Ladies, are you loving these bags or are you loving them?

box and bucket nude. must have essentials
arent they absolutely amazing??? @marshalledgar