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Happy Birthday Zico!! May you celebrate many more. Alright, this is going to be a Ultimate Bias card as well, because why not make it at the same time lol
Years have passed with success, struggles, memories and happiness. All of it worth it!.......When I first got to know Block B, Zico wasn't my first love, it was Between Taeil and P.O
Aawwww his carita so cute :3 Can't resist his adorablness. Saying he can't act cute, pssshhttaaahh! LIES! You are naturally cute, (including the other members)...... Lol until I started to watch the behind the scenes and the MTV shows, this creature caught my attention.
Before KPop, I had a whole different perspective of Sexy......... normal sexy still kills me, of course, but it has changed and let me tell you how, and what I, NOW, find sexy.
Sexy has turned into this....... lol I know right, My vision of sexy is being weird, funny and cute at the same time or one or the other. I have no idea why, do not ask questions, because I know a lot of you feel the same way when your Bias does something.
Of course, I still love Taeil and P.O, but I mean damn, this man!
Ugh, it so frustrating how much of my feels for this person overloads. Getting irritated by yelling and laughing at the laptop or whatever electric device, hoping that they will stop being so damn weird!........I love it!!!!!
Do you see what in talking about!!! And I want that doll, it's so cute. UGH Lol. Alright, this has been my Ultimate Bias card, and Happy Birthday to Woo Jiho, @B1A4BTS5ever, I think I'm way passed the challenge but better late than never, right! bwahahahahha lol hope you liked it.
my baby Zico I thought ppl might not remember his bday😢🎂🎉
In LOOVE with this card!!! I really needed a dose of block b and that was the perfect balance of sexy, funny, cute, and derpy! ❤ Zico is amazing.
@B1A4BTS5ever Lol thank you xD
hahahahaha dude i lovr your card :D