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It's nice to switch things up every now and then.

Most women spend their days on top of the world walking in their six inch heels. Although it's a habit for most, some [including myself] just can't wear heels day in and day out. It's okay to throw on a pair of flats every now and than. Being comfortable is a necessity and it doesn't negate the idea of being fashionable. A lot of women feel that if they aren't wearing a pair of heels that their style meter will immediately go down to a zero, but that's the furthest from the case.
A lot of designers have created flats that will not only keep you comfortable throughout the day, but they will have you feeling ever so style. You get the best of both worlds. Heels don't always equate to style and flats don't always equate to basic. For those of you who need some convincing, I'm here to prove to you that there are some extremely fashionable flats on the market. Keep scrolling and prepare to be amazed -- you might just fall in love.

Jeffrey Campbell Atrium Grey Suede Lace-Up Flat

It's very seldom that Jeffrey Campbell disappoints. These babies are gorgeous. From the suede to the gladiator style lace, they are perfect to dress up for an evening out or down when you feel like wearing boyfriend jeans and a tee.

Wild Diva Biege Snake Pippa D’Orsay Flat

From the studs to the snake print these babies are edgy and simply beautiful. I mean seriously, what's not to love?

CL By Laundry Golden Girl Womens Canvas Ballet Flats

Every woman needs a ballet flat for those days when you need a quick shoe to slip on and easily slip off. These gold metallic flats are super cute and the embellishment on the top of the shoe screams girly.

Give those heels a rest and slip on a pair of stylish flats.

Your feet will thank you.
As someone who loathes heels, I love this card so much! I need to look for flats that are super stylish, and well -- flat! Hahaaa. Now, I definitely feel the need to do some shoe shopping.
yayyy! I'm in the same boat. I don't loathe heels, but I can do without them 7 days a week. I think there are definitely some trendy flats out there. especially the first ones on my list, I absolutely love. you are not the only one eager to go shoe shopping now @alywoah
So in love with the Jeffrey Campbell ones! I'm so getting me a pair :)
they are so amazing!!! i plan on doing the same :) @PurpleChick