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The Girl on the Train
So this is my first time writing a card. So I hope I do ok. I've been a member of vingle for quite sometime now and I've wanted to write, but never new exactly what to write. So here I go, writing about books. This year I began reading a lot more books then before. I read this book in two weeks. I pretty much couldn't put it down. It starts off in a slow pace, then again many books and movies begin that way. And yes, the title "The Girl on the Train" is about a girl on the train. It's based out in London, which has a few twist and turns. I enjoyed this book very much, because it's not your average book. It was suspenseful, nail biter, and I definitely didn't know what was going to happen next. I was really pleased with the story line. I can see this book turning into a movie. If you enjoy reading, pick up this book at your nearest book store, cuddle up in a comfy spot and enjoy the the thrills and chills. I give it 4-stars.
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@melifluosmelodi you most definitely need to read this book. I enjoyed so much from beginning to end. :) I've never read gone girl or even seen the movie.
congrats on your first card and thank you for the suggestion! def going to pick this up.
Chicago is all about trains. We have the El and the Metra. And since I like books too, this one will be the next one that I read. Thanks for the write up @karencorchado What other books do you recommend?
@daniachicago your welcome. Later today I'm going to write my next card on another book I just finished reading. It's from Stephen King. He's an amazing authors. I'll tag you, when I'm done writing it. I recommend it as well.
I've never read Steven King before. I am looking forward to reading your next card and write up @karencorchado