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So this is my first time writing a card. So I hope I do ok. I've been a member of vingle for quite sometime now and I've wanted to write, but never new exactly what to write. So here I go, writing about books. This year I began reading a lot more books then before. I read this book in two weeks. I pretty much couldn't put it down. It starts off in a slow pace, then again many books and movies begin that way. And yes, the title "The Girl on the Train" is about a girl on the train. It's based out in London, which has a few twist and turns. I enjoyed this book very much, because it's not your average book. It was suspenseful, nail biter, and I definitely didn't know what was going to happen next. I was really pleased with the story line. I can see this book turning into a movie. If you enjoy reading, pick up this book at your nearest book store, cuddle up in a comfy spot and enjoy the the thrills and chills. I give it 4-stars.
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@melifluosmelodi you most definitely need to read this book. I enjoyed so much from beginning to end. :) I've never read gone girl or even seen the movie.
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congrats on your first card and thank you for the suggestion! def going to pick this up.
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Chicago is all about trains. We have the El and the Metra. And since I like books too, this one will be the next one that I read. Thanks for the write up @karencorchado What other books do you recommend?
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@daniachicago your welcome. Later today I'm going to write my next card on another book I just finished reading. It's from Stephen King. He's an amazing authors. I'll tag you, when I'm done writing it. I recommend it as well.
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I've never read Steven King before. I am looking forward to reading your next card and write up @karencorchado
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