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I hope y'all can read my writing but just in case I'll attach a screenshot of another table. Native Korean numbers are used for most things like counting and stating the hours in Korean... I'll make a different card covering Sino Korean (used for money, minutes, phone numbers, license plates and legal purposes) numbers another day...practice these any chance you get
열공 친구들
my head hurts already
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@RobertMarsh 고마워요 사장님!!! Hahaha ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ
@RaquelArredondo, 별말씀을요
감사합니다! This was very helpful. ^^ I always wondered what Sino meant, but never had the chance to look it up.
@AegyoBunny, 별말씀을요...I'm happy I could help
HAHAHAHA you even know 열공! You're already so much more Korean than me......