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Miley Cyrus has taken her talents to the land of makeup.

If you're looking for a new lipstick to add to your collection, now is the time thanks to Miley Cyrus teaming up with MAC Cosmetics for their Viva Glam Campaign. If you're not familiar with Viva Glam Campaign is the makeup brands popular program that raises money for the MAC Aids Fund every time an item from the campaign is purchased. A well-known celebrity is usually the face of this iconic campaign drawing in consumers and funds for a good cause. Earlier this year, Miley sealed the deal with MAC as the face of Viva Glam created her first lipstick and lip glass set. This month get your pockets ready to purchase Miley's amazing super bright orange lipstick that will have your lips poppin' this season. It's for a good cause, so don't feel guilty -- swipe the card.

Ladies, what do you think? Will you be purchasing?

Head on over to before they sell out.