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Men are wonderful, terrible creatures.....Women are wonderful, terrible creatures...... Thank you, Fly To The Sky, for making this more evident. BUT SERIOUSLY......I TURNED GREEN AND WAS YELLING MY FRUSTRATIONS AT THE SCREEN WHILE WATCHING THIS.
After a stream of colorful language flowed out of my mouth.....I became human again. _(._.)_ You were too good for him anyway, honey.....don't you fret. *pat pat* This is why I don't watch dramas. In short, my comeback was awesome \(☆o☆)/
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@cindystran that's a great comparison...although in Serendipity I don't feel like hitting the guy at the end XD And yeah those kinds are hard to get through...don't get me wrong I enjoy dramas, but watching them can be a struggle XD
@MattK95 Well, the guy at serendipity saved himself for not walking down the aisle. If he showed up and ditched her that would have made me so mad. And don't worry I also love watching dramas but only selected ones haha. :)
here's part two if you are ready to be even more messed up by this story http://www.vingle.net/posts/1057282?shsrc=v
@RobertMarsh omg....okay. I'm gonna take a sip of water then take the plunge.
@cindystran true, that would have made most people mad if it had gone that way lol