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Men are wonderful, terrible creatures.....Women are wonderful, terrible creatures...... Thank you, Fly To The Sky, for making this more evident. BUT SERIOUSLY......I TURNED GREEN AND WAS YELLING MY FRUSTRATIONS AT THE SCREEN WHILE WATCHING THIS.
After a stream of colorful language flowed out of my mouth.....I became human again. _(._.)_ You were too good for him anyway, honey.....don't you fret. *pat pat* This is why I don't watch dramas. In short, my comeback was awesome \(☆o☆)/
@PassTheSuga as embarrassing as it is to admit I almost didn't survive boys over flowers...well not really, but I couldn't sleep properly because of that show XD Almost forgot to say that I loved this song :)
@RobertMarsh lol you can relate?? Jerk (>_<) jk jk jk I was hoping she'd slap him or smack him with her flowers.....but she was too sweet (╥_╥) I wanted to crawl thru the screen and punch him to defend her honor lol. @MattK95 Emotions make it all TOO REAL.
@MattK95, @PassTheSuga, I want to kick his ass and yet can relate completely with him at the same time
I have trouble watching some dramas for the same reason XD
ㅋㅋㅋ....I just post the exact same thing just less eloquently phrased
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