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I found this article from Koreaboo. If you want to view it yourself click here. However, I have the article down below. I was curious to see who made the list and who did not. I will soon make a card of my own top 5 or 10 male celebrities in Kpop.

What are your comments on this list? Were you surprised? Did you disagree? Comment below!

Some ppl commented on the article stating that these stars are only popular among elementary girls. I'm guessing some people in Korea did not agree with this list. Personally, I was shocked! There were no Big Bang memebers. Some of these ppl I've never I felt dumb. I guess I gotta do more exploring in the kpop world. It's so hard to leave my Big Bang/EXO island lol.
@amobigbang lol I love them two but yeah i was wondering the same thing
yay moat of my exo bias are on the list♡
Yeah I was happy bout EXO on here @Marilovexoxo Kai and Sehun....I wonder who they interviewed for this...