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Why Signs Are Crying
(credit to owner) I was meant to post this days ago but I've been busy with school so... yeah... But ain't this truth?
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@KpopGaby Exactly!! haha.
2 years ago·Reply
*is avoiding like the plague cause I can't handle dying again this week*
2 years ago·Reply
I thought me and v will get married and have 7 kids DX now its a hopeless dream now
2 years ago·Reply
I was like nooo... Then I had to figure out why I'm saying nooo... Then I realized the story and k was like noooo. Then the uber driver gave me a weird look
2 years ago·Reply
@Dino21 I guess only in your dreams lol @SkyRollins I actually scared my mom when I gasped for air while internally crying when I first watched it lol
2 years ago·Reply