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Since it is Jin Sunday, I celebrate with a Jin ship! Namjin is the ship of Jin and Rap Monster in BTS!
They are so cute!!
Leader Nam and Mama Jin take good care of each other!
They are definitely a Selca Couple >.<
and they like to play around ^^
Always holding hands <3
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Thank you to @kpopchicken and @Onenonlybovie for the request! Want to request your favorite OTP, comment here! Find more ships here!

Do you ship it?!

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totally off topic, but I love namjoon's hair in the 5th clip of the 1st one. it goes really good with him.
I ship it
I love this ship. These dudes are my two favorites in BTS and of course mom and dad belong together. They make my heart happy!
the way Namjoon just run in between Jin a jhope like bitch move