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my first kpop boyband
Jun K is my bias
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@baileykayleen yes i love all their albums i have to say I wasn't crazy about go crazy! but i still 100% supported them! @xroyalreisx yes i am a fellow hottest fan! i am an army fan as well but 2 pm was always my first and even when you asked my son what time it is he will say 2pm he grew up listening to them! he love adtoy! he likes taecyeons rapping!
@jessicalnichols Go Crazy as a whole wasn't totally my thing, but that title track was! Lol. Loved it. And their newest album No.5 was pretty good for the most part.
@jessicalnichols yes i loved the new no5 track! go crazy to ne was like they were trying to hard to match a comeback with other kpop artists at the time! i just loved their dance moves and i believe they used more computer graphics then actually hard work if you know what i mean!