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Okay so this is the fic I told you guys about. It won't get out of my head so I'm writing it. I'll write more after I get off work tonight. I'm sorry if I have bad grammar it was never my strong point. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ She hurried about helping guests during the lunch rush. One guest in particular was being extremely rude today. She just signed quietly and put on a smile to help her get through it. It was then that those seven rambunctious boys walked through the front door laughing like they usually were. The rude customer caught her attention calling her over like some dog to complain about their food. As they listed off what she forgot that they never bothered to tell her about to begin with she plastered on an even bigger fake smile. “Ya what do you think you're doing causing Nabi so much grief? Can't you see she's trying really hard.” Startled Nabi turned to see the boy they called V standing behind her looking like he would hit the customer if they responded wrong. “It's okay V just go sit down I'll be there in a moment. I'm fine here.” She put her hands up motioning him back before he could start any trouble. He wasn't moving though he was waiting for the customer to reply. Desperate she looked behind him to the older boys pleading with her eyes for someone to come get him. The natural leader of them, Namjoon, got up and came over to where she was and grabbed V's arm. “Come on man let her work.” Namjoon said pulling at V. With a reluctant sigh V followed Namjoon to their table and sat there watching her llisten to the complaining customer with a scowl on his lips. Once Nabi got the customer taken care of she came over to their table a genuine smile on her face. “What can I get for you boys today?” She already knew what they wanted but it was funny to hear their replies. “You” The one who called himself J-hope said with a wink. The other boys just hit him for how greasy he was being while making comments about how he had no chance. She just laughed and started writing down their usual drinks. “Anything special to eat today?” They all shake their heads so she writes down their usual snacks as well. Shooting them a goofy look she turns on her heals and heads to put in their order and make their drinks. Nabi loved the day they came in because it made her day just that much brighter. She returned to them with their drinks and got caught in another one of their random conversations. “Hey Nabi if you could date one of us who would it be?” J-hope asks clearly curious because of what the others said before. Her whole face turned red and it slowly crept to cover her whole body. How could she say which one it would be without giving it away that she actually had a crush on one them. “How could you ask me something like that so sudden and while I'm at work no less.” In a flustered mess she left to get their food waiting in the back to calm down for a moment before returning with their food. “Sorry Nabi he has no filter.” The oldest one Jin said with a warm smile. Nabi returned his smile as she set their food on the table. “You could always tell us after you get off work. I'm sure the others will wait till you get off too.” J-hope sure was persistent.
I choose..... all of them!
omg i'm blushing FOR her hahahah I could totally see J-hope and Jin acting exactly as you made them! Can't wait for part 2!!!!!!