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I was just listening to these recent tracks from these rookie Boybands and I realized how awesome these and they need to be shared with my vingle family so I am just sharing.
UP10TION (Come as You are) Live Eng Sub
and Eng Sub Edits Video
this song is my favorite from their whole album
wowww so damn good it is i couldn't stop replaying after hearing it
I hope you all will like it 2 :)
Seventeen (When I grow Up) Eng Sub I this song is soooo beautiful, its complete perfection my favorite song from the whole album
Seventeen (Rock) I think this is an awesome track , the lyrics are funnny and funky at the same time lol
I hope you guys wil enjoy listening to these tracks as much as I did over and over again lol :D
1)Day 6 Colors Eng Sub. I love love love this this is a great song in my opinion , my favorite from their whole album. I think this group is sooo talented all their recents song are superb but these 2 are my most favorite so I am just sharing it with u all.
2) Day 6 Freely (Eng Sub) I just love how free awesome, fun and cool this track is lol
I hope you all will like these 2 tracks and check out other tracks from their and will appreciate this talented awesome group.
Monsta x (Broken Heart) Eng sub
This song is extremely precious to me i just love this song .
MonstaX Perfect girl Eng sub
this song is sooo sweet.. yesss love it
MonstaX Hero Eng sub this is such an awesome track ofcourse we all would want these cuties as our heroes they are our heroes
I love love their their new album
as I was listening to all of these tracks i think i should share it with you all
because I know its sooo easy to miss out on these tracks ppl mostly focus on title track of the album and miss out on other great awesome tracks that are i the album as well.
And I thought these songs are to good to be missed I hope you all will like these songs and show some extra love to these rookies boybands
Enjoy all Happy Sunday.
all cred to @HITTsubs youtube channel for these video thanku so much for providing english subs and ur edits r beautiful.
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I love these songs too! thanks for sharing the eng subs, now i don't have to track them down myself lol!!
@sherrysahar When I get home, I'm listening to every song on all 4 of these albums! I've only heard the title tracks of each one so I'm dying to hear the rest. :-D Thank you so much for bringing these to my attention!
@sherrysahar We think the same. I shared "Come As You Are" by Up10tion too. I'm in love with that song!!!!
I really love all of these rookies! They all came out so close to each other but they're all SO GOOD!
Luv these rookies and their music was awesome luv it💕💕💕💕