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Today is the Hiragana for E. え is pronounced as "eh" like in "exotic" or "egg" . え has two strokes and looks like a fancy Z.
A Japanese word you need to know that you can write with the Hiragana I have shown is: いいえ meaning no, pronounced i-i-e Be careful not to confuse it with いえ which means house, pronounced i-e. When saying "いいえ” stress the "i" sound, and with "いえ” make sure the "i" is nice and short.
Good luck~!
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@SunnyV Ah okay! Thanks. In Japanese, does formal differ from casual just by the ending of the word or do other things change too? I wonder if it's similar to Korean in that manner.
@poojas hm, it's a bit of both. In some words like "good morning" or "thank you" you add gozaimasu and the word becomes formal or polite. But in some cases like saying "goodbye" or "no" the word can change entirely. "No" informally is "un" and you say goodbye as "bye bye" with friends. All the things I know are formal, so if you were to try speaking to a Japanese person you won't have to worry too much xp
@poojas grammar and things can all get very confusing when worrying about being formal xD
@SunnyV Ah okay. Thanks so much for explaining that! :)
@poojas I hope that made a little sense xD its a very confusing topic