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No one else, this time.

This is not about the Mets, or about Wright driving Cespdes in, or about Harvey's innings limit; no. For now, let's just talk about Cespdes, and how freaking good the guy is.

Cespedes is, like, really, really good, ok?

Check out his numbers in his 39 games since joining the Mets:
.310 batting average. 10 doubles, 3 triples, 16 home runs. 41 RBI (41!). 35 runs scored.

I mean, come on. That's just ridiculous.

Cespedes brings a new kind of flair to the Mets - a flair and talent that the team hasn't had for years. He's flashy, which is not always a good thing, but when you're playing as well as he is, it can be forgiven. His neon arm sleeves, heavy necklaces and nonchalant play in the outfield raise some questions, but all questions are answered when he gets the chance to show his talents.

This dude can flat out play.

He doesn't just hit the ball - he mashes it. He rips the cover off the thing. He is a terrifying presence in the Mets' lineup, and the fear that he incites changes the entire approach of an opposing team.
Each time he gets up to the plate, opposing teams hold their breath.
It got so bad that after allowing home runs to Cespedes earlier last week, Nationals reliever Drew Storen was so upset that he slammed his locker shut, breaking his thumb in the process. Storen is out for the season.

This is what Cespedes is capable of.

The point is, though, that Cespedes is a different kind of player. It excites me each time to see him come to bat, just so I get to see his stat line flash on the screen again. 38 home runs. 102 RBI. I haven't seen those numbers on a player in a Mets uniform since the days of Carlos Delgado.
Rumors have begun circulating that the Mets are interested in resigning Cespedes. They're saying the Mets are planning a big push. DO IT.

Pay this guy the big bucks. Show him the money!

@mchlyang he's turning this team on its head....
Hahaha wow @jeff4122! You must love him dude....