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get it together people.. if i want a pic of it ill take it my damn self... smh.
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@jcl4rks0n why would a guy even think that would work? lol
because the sad part is it does work sometimes...not for me and some people..but females actually buy into that...i wana see what kinda jokes and family skills ur packin before i see whats in ur picnic basket. lmao
lol that's one way to put it xD please tell me the reverse doesn't happen at least
Sad, but true.... Look on the bright side... 2025 here's a holographic me.
Omg @amobigbang I would be scarred for life!!! Ugh yes ex's are ex's for a reason. When it comes to dudes, sure I like your naked body, but only IN PERSON. I don't need any photographic evidence.