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(credit to @glostick)

Question 1: How long have you been a fan of BTS?

I've been a fan since April 2014. OH MY LORD IT'S BEEN PAST A YEAR OMFG!!!!!

Question 2: Who was your first bias?

My first bias was Taehyung ^^

Question 3: Who is your bias now?

My hope, J-Hope ^^

Question 4: Member who you think ruins your bias list?


Question 5: How long did it take you to remember their names?

You probably won't believe this but it took me like 1 minute. Yup. A minute. It took me about 1 minute to memorize all of EXO's members but it took me a week to differentiate Luhan and Sehun >.<

Question 6: Have you seen all of their vlogs?

Nope. Have not watched a single one. I've been trying to but the Bombs get my attention more.

Question 7: Have you seen all of their Bombs?

Not really...because of school and different groups that I get into, I'm just sooo behind!

Question 8: Purchased any merch?

From BTS, nope, but for Christmas and my birthday (which are 1-2 weeks apart), Imma buy myself at least 2 albums.

Question 9: Favorite pre-debut song?

Did they even have pre-debut songs?

Question 10: Favorite song from their 2 Cool 4 Skool album?

I like the entire album but "I Like It" got me ^^

Question 11: Member who you think you share most common with?

I relate to Jimin. We both get teased by being tiny ㅠㅠ

Question 12: Member who seems more brotherly?

J-Hope! He has that Chanyeol-feel if you get me. Like they're both Happy Viruses and they're so caring and just so UGH!!

Question 13: Member with a potential acting career?

They all pretty much "act" for their MVs so I think they all have the potential to act.

Question 14: Favorite stage outfit?

I do not have a favorite outfit. They look amazing with anything. Even with the most ridiculous outfit out there.