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One of the age-old debates in sports is how to define the league's MVP.

Should it be the player who finishes the season with the best stat line, no matter what?

The guy with the best stat line on a playoff team?

The best player on the best team?

In the MLB, the extreme length of the season makes it even more difficult to tell who should take the award come the end of the year.
My pal @mchlyang seems to believe that it should be based on individual performance, no matter what. If that's the case, you have to give the NL MVP to Bryce Harper, who has the best stats in the league. It's not even close. Paul Goldschmidt puts up a fight, and Anthony Rizzo is another candidate, but based on individual performance? Harper's the guy.

However, I think contribution to a winning team has to be considered.

I mention Cespedes here not because I'm a Mets fan - the truth is, I don't really care if Cespedes wins the MVP or not (in fact, it's probably better if he doesn't, since if he wins, his contract is going to be that much higher). But the way he has turned this team around makes him, for me at least, the league's most valuable player. By definition.
Vinglers, what do you think? @mchlyang @christianmordi @jyrhiee @ljk901023

Do stats tell the whole story?

Does the MVP need to be on a winning team?

Let's hear it!

@jeff4122 for sure. I can def see Cespedes make it in the Top 3 for MVP votes. can't believe the regular season is almost over man...discussing MVPs, ROYs, and all that good stuff.
@jeff4122 Now I'm starting to consider him seriously as a very strong MVP candidate!
@mchlyang another day... another homer!!
@jeff4122 wow Cespedes hit a monster shot tonight...upper deck!
true, that's a good point @mchlyang. it is about being the league's most valuable player, not the most valuable player on any given team. and when you phrase it that way, it's Harper. I think a lot of it comes down to semantics and which part of "Most Valuable Player" you're emphasizing.
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