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This is old from Kpopstarz. Click here to see the article. This article was made in April 2015. The CEO of YG was interviewed about the topic of BB members going to the army. I think they have to serve for 2 years.
i agree with him I kinda like his idea of letting other members do solo subunit activities until the other serve the army i think I am looking forward to that since if one member of bigbang is in army and others are still having activities and concerts and solo albums i don't think it will be that bad i will be able to wait for the one in army like that i think this idea is really smart. think about in everyone, them leaving all at once I think I will be completely depressed for 2 years thats just my thought i think this idea is so much better so when the time comes we won't be suffering as much lol
Yeah I wish they could all go at the same time and come back together.
TOP better get a proper solo album
Don't go! I love you GD Oppa! And you just made a comeback!!!
yea it's going to be hard as they leave but as fans we gave to stick together and support them give them love. yes it hurts right now but just wait they be back singing and dancing and making us happy so come all together let's live them don't be sad be happy love them some times in over life we all have pain so lean on mr
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