1) a day or two after their debut 2) Jhope and rapmonster 3) Jhope and Jin 4) F'n Suga !! I hate him so much~~ always being cute and shiz 5) I think a few days to a week 6) I think I have 7)most likely 8) Yes, the Dark&Wild album 9) I loved Rapmonster's pre debut songs but I can't pin point the name of the song I'm thinking of. Also, JoKwon and Jhope.... 10)Circle room cypher(?) 11) jhope or v but most of time I'm suga 12) Jhope 13) V and Jin ( in my opinion all of them have potential because have you seen the recent prologue? bruh tears) 14) I think when they first debuted i loved their outfits but all stage outfits in every era is umm yass god