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so the awesome @kpopandkimchi came up with a brilliant celebration idea..... Jin Sunday.... in my heart everyday is jin day though haha so without anymore delay I give you the silly, loveable, beauty that is our Pink Princess Jin Ps.....I know the rules are use our favorite 5 pics but I can't just pick 5....it's Jin we are talking about here! so instead I give you the 5 sides of Jin..... Saranghaeyo oppa!
I give you Mario fan Jin!
Jin doing what he loves....eating!!!
ugh!!! that smile leaves me sjjtfsdkkdsagj!!
Mama Jin....so sweet!!!
cutie pie Jin. Silly, sweet, and fun he may not be the best dancer but his moves make me smile
I could actually watch him eat all day. Not trying to be creepy but I TOTALLY could.
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Lol meeee tooooo!!
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