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Have yall seen this new upcoming group?? Astro!!
they are debuting with a short series drama call To be Continued. it's so cute and funny it's a must watch and it's now on drama fever.. *spoiler 5urprise is it as well!!
they are dorky and I call DIBS on Rocky!!! lol
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@ParanormalPanda lol I just noticed that haha his name is literally spelled in hangul how it sounds but I guess everyone makes mistakes
2 years ago·Reply
never mind lol they are way too young to be bias but I guess they can be my little babies sucks that rocky is only 16
2 years ago·Reply
well I didn't know their age..... so when he comes if age I'll claim dibs lol
2 years ago·Reply
i need to watch their webdrama what is it called
2 years ago·Reply
@sherrysahar To be continued. ..
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