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Lol I don't have any friends on here yet but do the tag if you want😊 1. June 2014 2. Taehyung 3. I'm loyal💅 Taehyung with a mix of jimin and yoongi ofc 4. Yoongi definitely and the kook 5. Maybe a week? I was also new to Kpop then 6. That's how I spent that summer; binge watching everything 7. Same thing ofc 8. I have 13 posters and 3 physical albums (2 signed) a phone case and I'm gunna count my trb ticket as merch too but there's more to come 9. The first thing that comes to mind is born singer but I really love them all 10. Mmmmm just one?? Tomorrow /ah so hard/ 11. Jungkook bc we're both perfectionists and a bit shy at certain times and like just the way he does things. Plus he's closest to my age; ah why isn't he my bias? 12. Hobi seems like he would take care of me well in a brotherly husband kinda way 13. All of them but Taehyung Jimin Hobi and Namjoon the most 14. Danger
im going to play this did you come up with this do you want me to tag you
@amandamuska ah no I didn't come up with this, just participated lol and ofc you can tag me in anything! 😊