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BTS Question Challenge
Lol I don't have any friends on here yet but do the tag if you want😊 1. June 2014 2. Taehyung 3. I'm loyal💅 Taehyung with a mix of jimin and yoongi ofc 4. Yoongi definitely and the kook 5. Maybe a week? I was also new to Kpop then 6. That's how I spent that summer; binge watching everything 7. Same thing ofc 8. I have 13 posters and 3 physical albums (2 signed) a phone case and I'm gunna count my trb ticket as merch too but there's more to come 9. The first thing that comes to mind is born singer but I really love them all 10. Mmmmm just one?? Tomorrow /ah so hard/ 11. Jungkook bc we're both perfectionists and a bit shy at certain times and like just the way he does things. Plus he's closest to my age; ah why isn't he my bias? 12. Hobi seems like he would take care of me well in a brotherly husband kinda way 13. All of them but Taehyung Jimin Hobi and Namjoon the most 14. Danger
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@amandamuska ah no I didn't come up with this, just participated lol and ofc you can tag me in anything! 😊