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@cheerfulcallie @nylamrehs @YinofYang @soula81 @katieloidlei @shoenami @blairwitme @ameliasantos10 @pororo @14jenny @reyam @relinashinee @anvesha i have 100+ notifications to catch up and no time.. so i dropped by to say "HI".. and tell you guys that i miss you.. and to share a laugh! haha... p.s. sorry if i missed someone!!
you got that right @yinofyang :) We girls do rule this world, cos we got alot of things men can't handle, like the saying: Behind every successful man, there is a woman." And ain't that the truth :D So chicas, if your man or other men be dissing you or your female ladies, remind them this: "Remember hombre, I got an ass, boobs and female parts that you men lust after... and you ain't getting any of of it, cos quite frankly, you ain't runnin this world. I am." (lololololol, sorry... I was reading "The Help" and itz inspiring, love it).
@neaa we're out of tissue paper lol xD lend us some :D
@katieloidlei Because it's true, right?! Hahahaha! Good to see you! It's been a while, dear.
@yinofyang and @relinashinee I love that "who run the world ....GIRLS.." :D
@relinashinee That is the truth, dongsaeng. We Rule the World. XD
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