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{QQ} Your Favorite Mario Game
Calling all Vingler gamers! Time for a new Quick Question challenge!
In honor of Mario's 30th anniversary, today's Quick Question challenge is all about everyone's favorite plumber. Specifically, it's which version of the plumber in question is your favorite!

What is your favorite Mario game?

It's an open-ended question, so don't overthink it!

Mine is Super Mario Sunshine.

When I was a young boy and the Gamecube was the hot new thing on the market, my little brother and I thought we were being clever at Christmas. We planned it out; I'd ask for the console on my christmas list, and he would ask for games for it. At this point, we'd figured out the truth about Santa. We thought that our parents wouldn't want to upset BOTH of us by not getting the one thing in common across our lists.
We were right! We got the gamecube (which came with sunshine, I think) and also Super Smash Bros Melee. It was a fantastic christmas.
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