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Looks pretty, doesn't it? Like a pleasant, end of summer day, while it starts getting colder outside.
Nope. Not a chance. Not here! You can't even walk outside. You have to almost swim through the air, because the humidity is so bad. Q
But screw it. It's been 7-8 months since I've worn my sweaters and long sleeves. I can't wait any longer haha I LOVE cold weather. Anything over 65 is warm, and where I live, we reach 135 degrees at the pinnacle of summer and fall down to 35 degrees at the bottom of winter.... But only at 3 A. M. Haha Rain, snow, thunderstorms... Hell, any weather BESIDES SCORCHING SUN!!! Is amazing! I guess there's not really a point to this, but I haven't had any customers in.... 4 hours, so I'm bored.
Omg!!! I wish I could send you some of my weather – it's starting to cool down a bit here! I wore a sweater yesterday for the first time. It felt sooo good haha. I wish you luck! Eat lots of ice cream :D
You'd like Minnesota!! It gets cold....
@allischaaff I can not Wait to wear a sweater! Simple pleasures...
I not only hate the heat, but I also hate humid weather........I feel ya. Good luck!
Oh my God! Good luck in all of tthat. I hate the heat!!!!
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