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Dear Men,

Listen up. Why is it that we are constantly asked for pictures when you have never heard us once ask you for one? You want to know why? Because if we wanted to see you, we would easily go on your Instagram, FaceTime you or ask you to chill. Yes, we may have an Instagram full of selfies [I will be the first to admit that], but that does not mean that we feel like running to snap a selfie every single time you ask. It gets tiring and quite frankly, it can be rather annoying at times. Sometimes we don't feel comfortable taking a selfie when we are relaxing in bed with our hair wrapped and our makeup off *cues Drake lyric*. Not that we don't look twice as beautiful, but we don't have the energy to snap ten pictures just to decipher which one we will send to you.
We don't need your consent. It's nice to hear your compliments and we expect one when and if we do send you a selfie, but trust me -- as women, sometimes we just don't have the energy to cater to your needs. Read a book. Play Grand Theft Auto. Pick up the phone and call us, but please, do all of us women a favor and stop asking us to send you pictures. We aren't flattered. Click on the Instagram app, go to our page and get your fix. You don't need a personal selfie, you have over one thousand to drool over right in front of your face.
I say this on behalf of all women because we deserve a break sometimes. We don't feel the need to run every time you call and although it may indeed seem that way, we are not always available to take a selfie on your behalf.

Signed, Sealed, Delivered,

I'm Not Yours
@jordanhamilton you said it right there
@alywoah it is a sad thing that it seems like the norm nowadays :( I mean if that's all a guy thinks about that's all he's going to get. how can (for example) I hope to have something meaningful with someone if all I see is a piece of meat? how can I call myself a man if I can't keep respect women?
yeah! i dont get it. never have. never will. some guys need to get in the right state of mind @buddyesd @alywoah
@alywoah @jordanhamilton that's a very ungentlemanly thing to ask for
lol ill send a nude lipstick. talk about ways to be clever @alywoah
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