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Time for another flirting tip from yours truly!
So say you're in class or at the bar, or wherever you scope out potential hotties. Across the room, you see a total babe – and man, he is smokin' hot. Great smile, great style... but how do you get him to notice you, too?
Easy! The Two-Second Rule.
What is the two second rule, you ask?
Just smile, catch his eye, and hold that eye contact for two seconds. There's no gesture more "Come Hither" than that! It's bold, it's flirty, and it showcases your confidence – which is exactly what's going to make that hottie think, "Wow, who is this girl? I want to know more about her," and walk on over in your direction. ;)
So don't be shy! Go out and practice, and see how many guys (trust me, there will be many) who will approach you thanks to this technique.
Where my flirting pros at? @TerrecaRiley has this one worked for you? ;D
Any flirting tips for guys?
so sorry, I'm just seeing this. I can't remember if I've used this one before. hhhhmmmm... I've used so many methods tho. Haven't done the flirting thing in a while. Wait! I mostly strike up a conversation and let it lead to where I want it, and then I do the two second thing. Sometimes I'll catch a telepathic conversation... about our intentions
@allischaaff I feel like a girl writing a card that gives flirting tips would be so much more helpful than a guy writing one! Since, well, ahem, a girl would know what she wants more than a dude!
@mchlyang Absolutely!! I've got loads. That's actually a really good card idea... I usually focus on girl's perspective since, well, ahem, but I'm totally going to make one for guys :) I'll tag you in it!!