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VIXX Challenge: Day 13

List your favorite 2 MV's and why! @byeolbit I know you are excited about this day so I made sure to tag you. Okay so this one is really hard because I am swayed by more than just concept and storyline. I am swayed by looks and the song itself. And I don't really think that's a bad thing... So I dunno, I'm going to have to go with my gut on this. I mean, I love Girls, Why but I don't know if I'm swayed by just how stinking cute they are and the cute split screen. I love Hyde because of the cinematography and the concept and design. G.R.8.U I love their styles, the song, and how freaking adore Hyukbin is in it. But how can I ignore Rock Ur Body which has such a cute lead up and video game theme, or the iconically VIXX Voodoo Doll?! Ugh. So without further ado... Here are my two choices.
1. hyde I ultimately chose hyde for the concept, the inner duality of good vs evil in which something pushes on part of you into taking over the other part. The song is just so amazingly tied into the music video, as seen in the color changes of all of the members, from white suits to ultimately darker clothes and makeup. The men are all seen with a women, and through pain and heartbreak in that love, the inner demon literally erupts out of each of them, taking over the good light persona.
Another thing about this music video is the choreography done in the MV itself. Although the choreo is mainly about the live performance for the song, it plays a deep part to me in the MV as well. They are reaching for something, clarity, humanity, purpose, but are only driving further and further into their inner demons.
The dark costuming in this is one of my favorite parts of the concept. It's like the inner turmoil is coming out of them from every pore and they can no longer hide the darkness. It is an obvious choice that I think works seamlessly.
Alright, one down!!!! Now I struggled to pick which MV was my favorite without being swayed by the song or my emotions connected to it... But I gave up and went with my heart 😁😁😁 SO MY SECOND PICK::::
2. G.R.8.U I could not help it you guys!!!! I ultimately picked this MV because I love this concept in connection with hyde, as in we are rewinding into a time in which the boys haven't succumbed to their inner demons because of heartbreak, and we see the previous light hearted Jekyll who tried to keep everything in order because disorder took over. The filming of this MV was wonderful and the boys worked hard!
The many different scenes and props are so intricate in this MV and must have been fun to shoot! I think the joy and fun they had while filming definitely shows through, even though I'm sure they put in so much effort too! I also think the portion in which the boys are kind of collages of themselves (5th pic) help reiterate the duality theme, and also the scene in front of the mirrors do that as well (3rd pic behind Hyuk)
But mainly, THEY ARE SO FREAKING CUTE. And I love the dark intricate concepts as much as the next guy, but I do love to see the boys just have fun and be light. And I think this is my favorite of those because it has that Hyde/Jekyll connection. Light v Dark.
Or I'm just a sucker for some good Hyukbin skinship.
This day was one of the most fun so far of this challenge!!!! So talented, it was hard to choose two MVs but hopefully I did well :)
@byeolbit I am just a sucker for this whole comeback I think :) G.R.8.U is just light and fun and cute! Plus I think every boy looks so adorable in it. (Also I get my Hyukbin fix lol).
@baileykayleen It really is!!! And getting lots of extra maknae line is always nice :)
Yessssssss I love the two that you picked!!! you're right they do work really well together. I'm a total sucker for dark concepts but GR8U is really refreshing and fun to enjoy :) annnnnnnd the props are really cute....I love seeing them have fun!
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