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(credit to Fine Bros) I fangirled as they played BTS, EXID and B.A.P! I always love their reactions even if they end up not liking K-Pop -_- but hey! We get new fans thanks to Fine Bros ^^
I freaking love react to kpop (more in the older scene though) it opens up some people's minds and it just makes me extremely happy 馃槉馃槉 and YES! Dannisonfire please do binge and get into kpop!!
@kpopGaby i know youtubers react was what got me into shinee.
@KpopGaby, EXID's video is actually pretty easy... they were being used by the same guy as little more than a low class booty call and so they went to his high class world and got revenge on him
@Marilovexoxo I did too man!! @Baekyeol27 Oh yes it did man! Like it's kinda self explanatory? Although EXID's M/V I always understood until they showed bits here it made me realize, did I even understand it?! lol
Did it irritate anyone else by how they didn't understand the concept of the videos, especially the B.A.P one :0
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