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(credit to Fine Bros) I fangirled as they played BTS, EXID and B.A.P! I always love their reactions even if they end up not liking K-Pop -_- but hey! We get new fans thanks to Fine Bros ^^
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@KpopGaby yes my brother knew that i was getting into kpop so he showed me it. I need looked back and now a shawol for life!!!
@deilig Whooo!!! Ring Ding Dong got me into SHINee. I thought the song was pretty cool. Thinking about it now it's like "How in the world did that song get me into SHINee?!" XD
I saw one of these videos 5 months ago. it had a piece of Fantastic Baby in it. I was curious, so I found the whole MV. I fell down the Kpop rabbit hole and I am NEVER coming out! LOL! I am lucky that so soon after finding Kpop that I am getting to go to a concert.
@IzzyPerkins they did do one with Fantastic Baby. That is how I learned about kpop
@Tigerlily84 alright cool :3