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It's not easy making friends! Why doesn't anyone understand?

When you know you should leave your house, but are too afraid to go and meet new people.

I don't know what's worse, hanging out alone or hanging out with lots of people.

When you're just minding your business and someone asks you to hang out.

Yeah! I'm okay!

When you actually do go out, something always goes wrong.

See! See! I told you!

When you show up to hang out with your friends and you're completely overdressed even though you spent hours thinking about the right outfit.

Dang it! I should have gone with jeans...this is why I can't make plans!

When your friends do something totally ridiculous yet you abstain because it makes you feel sad and awkward.

I don't like making fun of others, so does that make me a weirdo?

When you're afraid that you'll get made fun of if you go out.

I don't want to hang out because every time I do people make me the butt of their jokes! I can't help it!

When you cancel plans because you want to do something you think everyone else will judge you for.

I just want to stay home, make some dinner and listen to my favorite band, that's okay right?

When you fear that your friends will leave you behind because you're not cool enough.

I mean...I'd leave me too.

When your anxiety gets the better of you and you take it out on people trying to connect with you.


When you ultimately realize that friendship is really important and you grow into social situations and actually have fun!

I can do this! I can do this!
The key to overcoming social anxiety is to just put yourself out there. All of the fear and loathing you experience largely comes from within, and much like Butters we're all up in our own heads too much. If we just let go and have fun, we can take the ride just like our friends. So get out there and make new friends. It is hard, but once you give yourself over to having fun and making an effort you'll improve.
You can still like your alone time, but that doesn't mean you should alienate yourself!
And you'll definitely have more fun too.
Of course it is! :)
@candyland1986 same!!! I have a bumper sticker of him on the back of my car! I also have a little doll of him...and Cartman, but I'm ashamed of him hahahaha
Luv butters! favorite character off of Southpark!
@TessStevens I know right ? lol
Oh Cartman he is a different thing entirely hahaahah @buddyesd
Poor Butters! And then they have to take him to a Vet so they don't get in trouble. What a right mess hahahahah @buddyesd
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