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Who Should Pay On The First Date? (Poll!)
Success! You've landed a date with a new cutie. It's your first time going out with him, and you're excited to get to know him. You decide to meet for a casual dinner – nothing too fancy right off the bat, right? – and the evening goes really well. You're laughing, joking around, really digging him – and then the waiter comes over with the bill. When the check lands on the table, who should pick it up?

The Case for the Man

Is it the guy's responsibility to pay on the first date? Is it chivalry, or just an outdated tradition? As a lady, I know I love the feeling of being treated to dinner or drinks; it makes me feel special, and many of my friends say the same.

The Case for Going Dutch

Going dutch, or splitting the check, has become more popular in our modern day and age. In my opinion, it highlights the equality of the genders, and keeps the financial onus from being on one person. We're all a little broke, right? I'd rather split, if that means we can go on more dates in the future!
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So, who do you think should pay on the first date? Let's hear everyone's answer below!

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Girls, do you prefer to be treated? Guys, do you like it when a girl offers to pay? Excited to hear what everyone thinks!! :D
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I was raised like this: a woman should be prepared to handle Everything herself...but a quality guy would Want to take care of things on a date. We were told to have more money than we'd ever need for a date, just in case. (Seriously, even now, if my parents babysit for me for a date, my dad will try to give me money. Smh) Now if I get on a date and make a different decision, that's my call. I'm an adult. IF I ask a guy out, of course I would expect to treat him. *covers face* But I don't do that so much. I'm too shy irl.
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Hey hey hey @VinMcCarthy. Read my comment above ;D I'm actually all about paying, but I didn't include that on the card because it's not a societal expectation that the woman will pay 100% of the time. As I said above, I think true equality is taking turns treating each other, or always splitting ;) Awww @buddyesd you're seriously melting my heart today hahaha. What a lucky lady ^_^ I bet you're the best dad, too. It sounds like your family has so much fun together. @mchlyang I think that just shows you're a gentleman :) I guess as a guy it can't hurt to offer to pay, because as we've seen above, a lot of ladies are impressed by that ;) but as a lady I for one will always force you to split on me if we go on a date :P
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@allischaaff Also one more thing! If the girl is willing to go to a baseball game with me, I'll not only pay for the tickets, but also for the beer and chicken ;)
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I think for a first date the guy should pay showing interest or wanting to set another time up. Going dutch I think is more for comfortable couples. And the girl should pay as a favor, when it's a good time, make the man feel needed/appreciated. With the woman still able to say hey got it it's okay:) for a sense of awesomeness in the both lol cuz it feels good knowing you can do it period lol. more mutual I feel what's comfortable for both cx
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Old fashion or not the man is suppose to pay on first date no if ands or buts, failure to do so is a sign of being selfish and not a ladies man... Any man who objects to this idea is not a man in my opinion...
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