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Miami Slang: "BRO"
So, I'll be teaching you Miami slang, so you'll be prepared when you run into a fellow Miamian, or when you decide to visit the tropical city. Miami slang also has a heavy hispanic influence, so some phrases may have some Spanish in it. In today's case, it's all English.

Today's word or phrase is: "Bro"

No, this is not short for "brother." But you can totally use it to address your brother. However, this is word is actually used to address pretty much anyone. And that person can be anyone from your sister, your boyfriend, friends, or even your mom (if she's from Miami, then she'd totally understand your lingo."

How To Use The Word:

However you want to use it. Use it to address anybody you want to address. It's totally informal and not really a name you want to call your abuela, but she will probably feel a little bit cool when you address her as such.


"Hey bro, can I can get a Cuban sandwich? Thanks, bro."
"Brooooooo I saw this guy who was hella fine yesterday!"
"Get outta my face, bro. I swear I hate having you as a sister sometimes!"

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@CleoHoney there's a lot of things that Kayne isn't good with.... :-/
2 years ago·Reply
@DaniaChicago haha use it with caution! lol. \
2 years ago·Reply
this isn't just a Miami thing though. I've heard mad people say Bro
2 years ago·Reply
I've got many more Miami phrases to come. @VinMcCarthy.
2 years ago·Reply
@alywoad looking forward to it!
2 years ago·Reply