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Make Like Miyamoto: Super Mario Maker

Do you love the Super Mario Bros. games?

Do you remember all the levels, and the secret warps to get you to the final castle quicker? Or maybe you just remember idly playing the game on a lazy Sunday afternoon as a kid.
Really, no matter who you talk to, most people will have played at least one Mario game in their lifetime. Mario is just so prolific a videogame IP that it reaches virtually every corner of pop culture. Mario is the one of the most recognizable characters in pop culture history, second only to Mickey Mouse, probably.

In any case, Nintendo has celebrated Mario's 30th anniversary by releasing the Super Mario Maker! Wooo!

Now, you can create and share customized level designs featuring items, enemies, and platforms from the major Super Mario Bros games! The possibilities seem to be pretty varied, too. You can combine items and stack enemies, and you can even apply effects to them like the growth mushroom and wings.
You can create big levels and arrange them locally into a world progression. Using your WiiU pad, you can drag, drop, and rearrange different set pieces to make your levels totally unique. You can then share these levels for other people to play them!
It's a pretty good move on Nintendo's part, if you ask me. With the popularity of games like Minecraft and the sharability of games like Little Planet, now's a great time to offer this option to players everywhere.
Coinciding the release with the 30th anniversary of Mario is a great touch. It blends the nostalgia of remembering the first Mario games by providing people with the ability to recreate the old levels or blend the old with the new.
Now the fans have the ability to make the levels they want, or just go crazy with the options! Move over, Miyamoto. We've got a bunch of new creators ready to go.
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