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Is that just not a thing in the Marvel universe?

I'm not... great... at physics. But I do remember learning about whiplash in driver's ed. It's when your head jerks backwards really suddenly. And it hurts! And isn't that the kind of thing that would happen if some reckless friend of yours picked you up and flew you around?

Granted, whiplash is preferable to dying.

Like, extremely preferable.

Neck injuries are no joke Ms. Potts!

Seriously, how is she not walking around with a neck brace half the time?
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@VinMcCarthy emphasis on the "nonsense"
2 years ago·Reply
@shannonl5 that's why they invented aspirin :p
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@buddyesd @SerenaMcG lol idk if aspirin is gonna be enough for the headache she gets on the daily XD
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@shannonl5 you might be right lol
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