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No, seriously.

'Guardians of the Galaxy' Director James Gunn revealed that during production, every name has to be approved by Marvel's legal department. And apparently this group of aliens was too Rated R to appear in the films. Why? (Via).
"It's always a bummer when I can't use a name, usually because Fox or Sony or Hasbro or whomever owns the rights. But today I received a brand new reason for being advised against calling one of the alien species ‘Sneepers’… Sneeper is a word for clitoris in Icelandic."


I dunno, it seems like the Sneepers might have a lovely civilization worth exploring.... and I'll stop now.

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@buddyesd thankfully I'm a heavy sneeper XD
@shannonl5 xD I think you win lol
@buddyesd this feels like a very dubious honor
@Taijotter you might appreciate some of these puns... or not XD