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Shout-outs to everyone who posted cards so far. And no shout-outs to Star Road because anyone who's ever played Mario Kart knows it is the devil.
I hated Mario Kart because of those freakin bananas.....they pissed me off so many times!!!
Star Road was my favourite track visually, but God I hate actually driving on it, and yes on star road banana skins are the devil
@MattK95 solid choices too! and yeah, it gave it a cool atmosphere. I'm actually trying to get a PS1 emulator to run on my phone, so maybe Ican try CTR on it :D
@VinMcCarthy XD Neo Cortex was great! But I always raced as either Crash or the polar bear character who's name escapes me, the character selection screen was so cool, with them all working on their cars lol
@danidee @mattk95 totally! I really like crash team racing. I liked playing as Neo Cortex! and the traps were always super annoying for anyone who wasn't in first place. I liked playing games like Burnout as well, because half the goal is to destroy your car... which I'm pretty good at.
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