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I just read >>this card<< by @littlemaryk about Lee Minki's movie 'Spellbound,' and it reminded me how much I enjoyed his other film 'Very Ordinary Couple.'

Very Ordinary Couple came out in 2013 and stars Lee Minki and Kim Minhee!

It's a romantic comedy about, guess what, a very ordinary couple.
It really differs from a K-drama because the way the couple is presented is so normal - it wasn't love at first sight, there aren't crazy illnesses and family issues tearing them apart, etc. They're just two ordinary people going through their ordinary lives trying to make a relationship work.
The movie starts off with our two characters already broken up, but since they work together and have to see each other every day they start to fall for each other again.
The film really starts with them restarting their relationship, and we watch them make the same mistakes all over again.
Since Minki is in it you know there are scenes of him just being ridiculously and naturally funny - and there are a bunch of scenes that will make you cry.
Basically, this movie can teach you a lot about making relationships work and how even really, really "ordinary" love can mean something huge.

Definitely a solid 7.5 out of 10 for me!

Has anyone else seen this!?

I have not seen this movie/film but idk if to watch it or not lol since it reminds me of my last relationship I was in. It's very similar to what you explained in this movie description. :O I'll give it a try though!
@kpopandkimchi omg yes that would be amazing 🐶 I know the emoji is a dog but you know what I mean
@YvonJerzak I feel like I should give each movie a Wolf Boy crying rating too. like 5/10 wolf boy tears hahahha
okay just gotta make sure cause girl you suggest movies that touch yet crush the soul no hate though love you for the e suggestions @kpopandkimchi
@YvonJerzak lmao nothing is as rough as wolf boy I SWEAR. This still will make you cry a bit but nothing like the soul crushing werewolf romance hahahhahaha
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