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Hi, everybody! It's Dani, the Funny Community moderator, and I just wanted to take a moment to tell everyone how much I love and appreciate cackling like a crazy person with the rest of you here on Vingle.
I know that I'm probably not the only one that gets caught laughing too hard in public over a conversation I'm having on here, and I wanted to be able to give a shout-out to all the funny convos that happened this week.

The Time We Contemplated Our Spirit Animals

@TerrecaRiley decided her spirit animal was probably a fish, while I decided that mine will always be Mindy Kaling. @Taijiotter's is tea (because beverages totally count), @VinMcCarthy's is a Pokemon (Really, who's surprised?), and @RinSeok1650 is unapologetic in her love of all things 'Supernatural.'

Dean says thank you, by the way.

The Time AimeeH & InPlainSight Had An Accent-Off

@AimeeH is a Southern girl through and through, and @InPlainSight is Southern too. Because Australia's technically the Deep South of Earth, right? A war over how they preferred whipped cream on their pie turned into a discussion of dialects until finally: THE ACCENT WAR BEGAN! (Much to @ButterflyBlu's eyerolling.)
You can check out their results here:
@InPlainSight took his down, but maybe if you ask really nicely, he'll repost it.

Tyragallegos10 & Buddyesd proved to be mean older siblings.

A few days ago, I asked everyone to talk about the weird lies their parents told them when they were little kids. @goyo thought his shrimp were baby chickens, @Arellano1052 thought that apples were going to grow in his stomach, and well, @buddyesd and @tyragallegos10, I'm just glad I was never their kid sister. (Boogers + Snails = Gross!!)

We Did The Meme Challenge (& Almost All Got Ryan Gosling?)

Last week, @loftonc16 challenged us to partake in her meme challenge, and it was huge, but I couldn't help but notice a glaring coincidence between all the girls' cards. HOW DID WE ALL GET RYAN GOSLING MEMES? @ButterflyBlu, @aubreyrosek, @amobigbang, @jlee37, @IlseJimenez, @BrianaJohnson, @KellyOConnor, and I all got Gosling memes.

Is he the official boyfriend of Vingle?!

I hope you're all feeling the love, and if you've had some funny moments with someone on here over the past few days, feel free to share them! Extra points if it includes a dad joke!