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Donnie McClurken said it best, "We fall down, but we get up."

When you think of #NYFW, the possibilities are endless. At least they were at Givenchy's runway show [see below] that took place on September 11th. It started out as a day of remembrance and ended as one as well. Pointed booties are a huge trend this season, but after Givenchy's show -- people might be putting their pointed toe shoes in the back of their closet [just to be on the safe side]. While the audience drooled over lace and more lace, similar to London Bridge -- two models fell down. Unlike them, it wasn't too pretty. Victoria's Secret model, Candice Swanepoel was one of the two models to take a tumble. As models, you have to be able to play anything off and still be fierce doing so [that's what you get from watching too much Top Model]. Thank you Tyra Banks. Both models, handled falling pretty well. According to the fashion judges, Candice seemed to take the lead after posting a laughing emoji on social media [although she was crying on the inside]. It takes a lot of guts to fall in front of a crowd of people and brush it off as if nothing even happened.

We all fall, but it takes a strong person to get up and move on.

How would you have handled falling during a fashion show?
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I completely agree. it takes a strong person to do that @Sadik