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Watch her Whip...

Now watch her Nae Nae.

Ellen DeGeneres has been hosting political candidates on her show recently, and Hillary Clinton appeared in her favorite pantsuit combo to talk about stuff.
Along with an interview, Ellen asked Hillary to try the new dance craze the “Whip. And Nae-Nae.” And Hillary basically looks like my mom when she dances.

Awkward and endearing at the same time.

Speaking of whipped (wiped?)...Clinton’s email messages that she deleted can be recovered, accord to the email service she was using. It’s ok, Hillary. Because at the same time this email scandal is going on, you are able to dance it out. Keep on doing you, girl.
Maybe you’ll even be in the next Evolution of Mom Dancing with Michelle.
HAHAHA this is hilarious. And Michelle is a much better dancer than Hillary.
loved this card and Hilary.. I really respect how much effort she puts into connecting with todays youth, she's awesome!
Agreed @mchlyang! Current First Lady got swag