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Dear Humanity, It happens. Everything. It all happens. Somehow. Life happens. Death happens. Existence happens. Everyone sees at least portion of it happening. All around them. Stuff happening. Everything. That's why our perception on everything is always changing, always rearranging. Because we see stuff happening, we see new things, we're presented with new situations, and our own everything becomes bigger. It becomes everythingier. Our perception updates. Always. It's always updating. It's like it's in real time. All because everything is happening. Humans are creatures of change, you see. We change. We update as our perception updates as the surroundings around us change. We change. Our everything changes, and becomes a new everything. Until of course there is nothing. At that point our everything's nothing, and we leave the physical realm with our nothing, and we cease to exist... however my everything is not nothing yet and I plan to make contributions to other's everything until they too have nothing, filling their everything with pleasant memories and plenty of laughs, hopefully. A quote I like from The Fault In Our Stars would be "Some infinities are bigger than other infinities". For example, there is infinite numbers between 0 and 1. No, really! Draw a line, label one end 0 and the other end 1, and divide it in half. Good, now divide the halves in half. Now divide the halves of the halves in half. Amazing, now divide the halves of the halves of the halves in half. Good work, now divide the halves of the halves of the halves of the halves in half. Way to go, now continue. It'll just go on for infinity you know. There is infinite numbers between 0 and 1. Now get this; there is even more infiniteness between 0 and 2. Exciting, isn't it? What I'm trying to get at is some everythings are bigger than other everythings, and some people's everything means different things to other's everythings. And everything happens. And everything happening changes. And everything happening changes us. And that happens. And it all happens. And we can't stop everything from happening. Everything will happen. It is we who must learn to adapt to the happening of everything, because everything will not adapt to existence of us. ~Ryder Waylander P.S. That got a little confusing for a second there... sorry.
I love the use of language here. Particularly "it becomes everythingier" I like this style, too. There' a real optimism and excitement here. It's like a more emnergetic New Sincere style of writing.
@VinMcCarthy I've found that people often deem writing as too serious to be fun, but I think it's okay to good off a little and lighten the mood while writing, and I know a lot of other people who think the same. Writing is suppose to be exciting and maybe a little funny, so that's how I come up with "everythingier", and stuff like that. 😋 Thank you!
*goof off a little*
@AlexanderBeta no worries dude! I agree with you, and I think that part of the function of writing (and reading) is to be fun and enjoyable. There's rrom for serious stuff as well as goofy stuff, but I think people tend to get caught up in the thinking that they need to be serious all the time.
I'm a huge fan of short choppy sentences. Brilliant first paragraph too, got me hooked right away!