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On my best days -- as in, when I'm not feeling awkward and alone -- I'd like to think of myself as a pretty sensitive and a pretty creative guy. And when I'm in a relationship there are a couple of things I like doing for my significant other. I may not be good at any of these creative endeavors but a lot thought and effort goes into these things.
So, if you find yourself dating a creative, sensitive, Johnny Depp type (like myself), then you should expect the following things.
Disclaimer: These are things that I, personally, have done. So if yours doesn't, don't get all mad at me or whatever.

I Will Write You a Bunch Letters

I like writing letters. All the time. It's your birthday and we're dating? Expect a folded piece of paper in there with a long-winded letter about how much I love/like you and how I wake up everyday thinking about you. Sure, letters are a dated mode of communication but I hardly send them through the post (who mails things anymore besides old people or Amazon?). I'll pick you up from work, the train station, or your house and drop a letter into your bag when you're not looking. There's something extremely romantic about reading someone else's handwriting vs. reading Helvetica, if you know what I mean.

I Will Make You A Lot of Mixtapes/CDs

You better buy one of those leather CD cases because I'm making you a mix once a month, every month, for the rest of your goddamn life. Music is so good (it's almost as good as the existence of dogs) that I need to share it with you constantly. And not a bunch of weird emo/punk junk that I listen to on my off time. But music that reminds me of you, music I think you'd like, and music that expresses the way I feel about you. I hope you have a good set of headphones because you're going to be using them a lot.
Also, if I fall in love with you, be warned. I'm going to make you an actual mixtape. Like on a cassette. And I'll get you a cassette player if you don't have one (you shouldn't you're not an old human).

I Will Make/Paint/Create Anything for You

I don't fancy myself an artist. I'm the farthest thing from an artist. I haven't grown up yet, so I like painting stuff with my hands and making a mess. What does this mean for you? Well, I'll paint you a bunch of weird things. I'll try my hardest to decorate your bedroom with little cards, collages, and paintings. I'll make you anything, so get ready to find a special box or place in your room to keep all of these little homemade trinkets.

I Will Try to Write You Songs

You'll probably get thousands and thousands of terribly written songs but at least I tried right? No one'll hear them but you and it'll sort of be like the mixtapes thing. I'll record a bunch of songs for you every month on my phone or in my bedroom and make you secret albums for the rest of your life. Especially if work, or family, or anything forces us to be away from each other for a long period of time. I'd want you to listen to the CDs while you go to bed or when you wake up so it's like I'm with you.
You'll look around your bedroom and see the weird paintings and collages all over the nightstand. You'll hear my terrible singing voice coming through your headphones, telling you that yes, I do, in fact, love you. Wholeheartedly, fully, truly, earnestly. And you'll smile throughout your day. And I'll be wherever I am, smiling, knowing and hoping you're listening to and looking at all the things I made for you.
omg man! you hit me right in the heart! I just fell in love with you ;)
@paulisaverage got any tips for finding sensitive guys to write me songs and @jordanhamilton peoms ;)
youre so right @nicolejb lol I feel super silly. I think any guy who takes the time out to write anything or just use his creative eye in any way for a woman is a total winner!
Songs are essentially poems with music @jordanhamilton. :) so you are getting more. Lol. I love music, so any boy that makes me CDs or writes me a song...ugh. I love.
I think I need a bf like this :)
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