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Here's a helpful graphic explaining the many different types of yoga practice out there, so if you're a beginner, you know exactly what you're getting into!
Yoga is proven to benefit your body in many ways, like developing flexibility and strength, improving posture, lowering blood pressure and decreasing stress (WebMD).
Check out the chart below, and decide which style of yoga is best for you!
so would Hatha be a good place to start for a beginner like me? I want to learn but don't know where to start...
Definitely @KellyOConnor! Google free yoga classes for beginners near you :) sometimes they let you borrow a mat, but you can also borrow one from a friend or pick one up at Target for like $19.99. Sometimes they don't even specify it's Hatha, they just call it yoga for beginners or "all levels welcome"! :) Good luck on your yoga quest :*
I def want to do some Power Yoga! I actually took a class for a week because it was free near my school last year and it was demanding but a lot of fun!
@allischaaff No, I haven't. I've been following this guy in Instagram and he makes it look very easy. It's something I want to learn, but I feel it would be hard to pick up for someone who never did yoga before.
@allischaaff how about asana?
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