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In a world where we can see a tweet the moment that breaking news happens, or how live coverage are a norm for any news event, it’s interesting to see Facebook jumping on as a news platform.
“We want to make Facebook a better experience for journalists whether it’s used for news-gathering or better connecting with their readers or to drive distribution to their content,” says Vadim Lavrusik, Facebook’s Mentions manager.

Bring on the Livestream

The news and journalism world is leading to a more Live version. By going off the television and onto an online platform is SUCH an opportunity for future journalism growth and news coverage. More people can know and follow and get their news NOW.

Uh, Is this going to be good news?

A lot of the criticism behind this new feature is the fact that, well, you can’t control much when things go live. You can control the journalist who streams, but you can’t control the content. How ethical is it to stream live natural disaster or protest or even war? What is someone is killed on livestream? The medium is harder to control and protect it’s viewers if it isn’t filtering much.

This new Facebook is sure to bring about some big changes in media and journalism.

But let’s keep it to the journalists. No one wants a livestream of your over-sharing aunt’s daily occurrences.
wow...Facebook is actually taking over the world!!!!
My thoughts exactly...I'm sortve over Facebook, but this new addition might have me checking it out again.