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On January 31, KBS made an official announcement on reasons why they decided not to air the TV series City Conquest through their network. KBS said, “We are very sorry that the production company for the series insists that our decision is an agrivation. They even said that we are feeling constraint in the new government, which is completely not true.” “We held four meetings to review the series and whenever the series receives a suspension we asked the production crew to make the series stronger.” “However, the recent proposal that they handed in for the latest meeting is insufficiently competitive and contains a lot of violence to air through public broadcasters. That’s why we decided not to air the series,” “We clearly stated in the letter that if the script for the series is insufficiently competitive, it is not allowed to air. Even though we made the decision through our official process, the production company is insisting that we are cowing to the new government. They also used an expression we consider a defamation of character.” KBS added, “We are determined to sternly deal with the claims that the production company made.”
me too I'm so excited , i hope they can make a negotiation again , and hopefully there will be a positive result ;)
i was so excited to watch this drama :'(
i am so sad by hearng this news...i was looking forward to his episode and also his skills in action..but i guess i can't now... :(
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